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Tallyfy offers native, public kick-off forms which are fully integrated into your workflow. Tallyfy's sticky, authenticated and easy-return forms offer the following benefits that don't exist in apps that let you just design standalone forms:

  1. You don't have to purchase and use a separate forms app just to make public forms. 
  2. As soon as the form is submitted - it kicks off your process.
  3. The submitter can track and see their form submission and all future tasks at their own guest link, which stays the same forever. We call this a "link for life".
  4. You don't need a "middleware" app like Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate to take form submission data and pipe it to other systems - since it's already baked into the process on  Tallyfy.

To summarize the unique differentiators that only Tallyfy offers vs. vendors that let you make standalone forms:

  • No anonymous submissions - many problems with forms today are due to fake submissions from incorrect or fake email addresses. By validating an email address up-front - we ensure genuine and authentic submissions where the email of the submitter actually exists and can actually receive replies or emails.
  • Easy returns and follow-ups by default - we automate follow-ups on partially filled forms - ensuring that you get more completed form submissions. Form abandonment is a huge issue, and the validated cause of a large percentage of lost revenue, disgruntled customers, and more. Sticky forms solve this.
  • Link for life - after someone submits a form, the same link they used to fill the form (their guest link) can be used to assign them other tasks. In other words, the form submitter never has to know or bookmark another link again - it's just one link for life! 

How do I get a link to a public form?

It's really simple to switch the kick-off form in your template - either a procedure or a form type, to the public. 

Toggle the public sharing to "ON" within your kick-off form settings (at the bottom of the pane, under Advanced):

A piece of text will appear on the left pane - against the kick-off form - labeled "Get Public Link" - please click that:

You will then see this modal, which gives you the link you need:

When anyone in the world goes to the form itself - it looks like this below. People must enter their email to proceed, and then a link will be emailed to the email address they entered. This ensures that the email actually exists, isn't fake, and can accept the incoming emails without problems. After all - do you really want a form submission from someone whose email address is impossible to reach?

As soon as the submitter clicks their unique link - they will go to a guest page (a forever link) which lets them complete their form. The great part is that they don't have to fill the form "in one sitting" - they can come back to it tomorrow, or the week after - especially if they don't have all the requested information. This is really helpful for long forms, or simply in cases where the submitter doesn't have all the information needed to complete the form at this time.

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