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Tallyfy is able to launch a process via an incoming email. It's simple - you just send an email to a pre-configured email address, and the process launches! 

This is the format of the email address - where TEMPLATEID is the unique ID of your template:

You can find the TEMPLATEID in the URL while editing your template, like this:

Please note these potential failure points and comments:

  1. If the orgID does not exist - we reply to your email with a failure message.
  2. If the templateID does not exist - we reply to your email with a failure message.
  3. If the FROM address on the email does not match the email address of a member in the org - we reply to your email with a failure message. This is a security precaution to prevent non-members launching processes.
  4. If the template contains required kick-off form fields - and therefore, it's impossible to launch a process automatically - we reply to your email with a failure message.
  5. The subject line on your email becomes the process name

You can also capture the email body and attachments into a kick off form field - illustrated on the trigger itself. If the two specially named kick off fields do not exist - you will be invited to create them with a link named "CREATE IT NOW"

Replying to a task - add a comment to the body of your response

If you'd like to reply to a task via email - the reply (in the body) gets entered as a comment on the task automatically. The format of the "FROM" address on emails will be this. Note that TASKID is the unique ID of the task. We will auto-discover other information from the sender of the email, to see if they're authorized to make a comment on that task within that organization. Remember that the body of the email is used to make the comment, not the subject line.
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