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Sometimes a task just requires sending an email to members or guests (clients). Rather than stepping away from Tallyfy and getting into the rut of emailing back and forth, use Tallyfy to make an Email step. When the task is created, the assignees will be sent an email with the task description (email body) and form fields (if you choose to have any). This means less time wasted communicating, more time spent actually doing things.

Click +Create on the sidebar to create a 'Task' or 'Create one-off task' on the top
Give your task a unique name and switch the task type to 'Email'
Edit the 'Send To' list. You can add information in the 'Body' of the email. You can also add form fields to this email and turn it into a task. This looks just like composing an email.
Once you have filled-in all the information, click 'Send Email'.
Tallyfy then sends an email to the recipients for this task

Please note: Email Task Type is only active for One-Off Tasks. Template (Procedure) Step Email Type is coming soon! All subsequent comments and chat happen within task comments in Tallyfy, saving your inbox from a deluge of replies!
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