TOOLS > How do comments and @mentionting work?

Comments and @mentions are a great way for your team to communicate and alert others of issues. 

Users can comment on templates (procedures and forms), process tasks and one-off tasks.

Let's look at how commenting works on procedures and forms:

1. Open your template in 'Edit' mode to view or add comments

2. Click on the step you wish to add a comment and click 'Add Comment'

3. When a form or steps in a procedure has comments, the step will have a filled-in blue comment bubble:

4. For process tasks, you can select the type of comment - Advice or Blocker. To report an issue, select the 'Blocker' type of comment. Advice comments show as an improvement comment.

Learn more about commenting on Process Tasks and One-Off Tasks here.

Learn about  issue-reporting here.

Please note: Only Admin members and members having edit and read access permissions to 
templates will be able to read and add comments.
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