TOOLS > How do I access template activity logs?

You can now have a detailed view of all activities on templates. 

The 'Activity' stream feature lets you access a log of following actions performed on the template:

  • BP title update
  • BP/KOF description/Adding KO form field (Creation & Edit)
  • BP/KOF description deletion
  • BP Archive/Unarchived
  • Adding BP tag
  • Process instructions create/edit
  • Adding/removing of BP webhook
  • BP publicized/unpublicized/edit of tags(Topic or Industry)
  • Created the template and updated the template

To view the activity trail:

1. Choose your template from the 'Library'.

2. Click on the 'Settings', to access the 'Activity' tab.

3. You can view the trail by scrolling through the log.

Please Note: Only Admins and members who have access permission to the template will be able to view the 
Activity Trail.
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