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Magic links are pre-made links that can help you to launch a process with all the information within the URL. If the link has all the bits it needs - the process will just launch, because all the info needed is pre-supplied in the link.

A magic link can also generate a quick link to create a one-off task.

This article will walk you through how to pre-make the URL to achieve this.

This literally means - that you can load the URL with values and simply opening the URL (while logged in to Tallyfy) launches the process. Note that you have to be logged in to Tallyfy.

We call this zero click process launch or zero click one-off task creation.

To access the Magic Links feature, click Settings > Integrations > Magic Links:

Steps to create Magic Links:

1. To create a magic link to create a one-off task, click 'Get a Magic Link' and click ' Create a One-Off Task'.

2. Organization ID will automatically be updated with your account's organization id. You will need to edit 'part 2' of the URL to assign the one-off task a unique name.

3. To create a magic link to launch a process, click 'Get a Magic Link' and click 'Launch a Process'. 

4. You will need to select a blueprint from your library to launch a process from. 

5. Once you have picked your blueprint, the system will generate a unique link with the organization ID and Blueprint ID.

6. You will need to assign a process name in 'part 3' of the URL and also enter a value for required kick-off fields in 'part 4'.

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