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Make your new team members feel more welcome with a custom onboarding snippet

Snippets can be used to create and assign a custom message to be displayed to all new team members when they join Tallyfy.

You can either assign an existing Snippet to be used for onboarding or create a new one. You can only elect  one snippet that will be used for onboarding new users, and that snippet can have any content you like.

Please note: This onboarding message using the Snippets feature can be created and edited by Admin members only.

Steps to create a new onboarding snippet:

1. To access the 'Snippets' feature, click Settings > Organization > Snippets

2. Click 'Create Snippet' to start creating your custom message. You can embed all the usual frills - videos, photos, etc.

3. Check the box to show that snippet during onboarding and save changes.

4. When any new member accepts theirs invite and first enters their account, the snippet is displayed to them (once).

To select an existing Snippet for onboarding, click on the checkbox to select that Snippet to display during onboarding.

You can choose only one Snippet to be displayed during onboarding.

Snippets are powerful blocks of text that can be used for globally repeated content.

To learn more about Snippets, please see this article.

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