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Trying to share a template with someone outside of your organization? 

Wouldn't it be nice to get a simple link to your template so that anyone can access it - whether they're on Tallyfy or not? 

Maybe you want to share a template with your clients so that they can see how you go about onboarding clients. Or maybe you want to do your bit for sharing know-how and make your templates available to the general public. 

With Tallyfy - you can make your template "world-visible" to anyone at all by publicizing it. Subsequent changes to your template will eventually sync to the public version of your template as well.

Let's get to publicizing

Open your  Library view and click 'Edit' on the template you wish to share.
Click the 'Advanced Settings' option to access the 'Publicize' feature.  

Turn the 'Publicize' toggle to 'Yes'.
You will be presented with other advanced publicize options to assign tags, industry label and a template icon. Once you have filled in the required information, click 'Publish to Public Library'.
Once you publicize this template, your template is added to our Public Library
You can view this (now public) template in our Public Library using the custom URL. 
Your template is now available in the  Tallyfy Public Library. We guess you feel super-proud making that kind of contribution to the world - and to your peer group. make sure everyone knows about it, by sharing the link to your LinkedIn, social media and co-workers.  Thanks for being awesome!
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