ACCOUNT > How do I update or edit 'My Profile'?

Updating and making edits to your profile is quick and easy. You can edit the following settings in your profile:

1. Your first name and last name.

2. Your email address. If you were invited into an organization with a certain email address and you wish to migrate your Tallyfy account to another email address, you can do so by updating the new email address here.

3. Your role is set by the account owner. If you wish to make updates to your own role, please request an admin member or the account owner.

4. Your Tallyfy user ID is unique and system generated and it cannot be edited. User id is usually required while setting up assignments through integration or custom API code.

5. You can mention your job title in the organization here.

*Coming soon: Job title and group based assignments are coming soon.

6. Select your country from the dropdown list. Your task deadlines will appear in your local time.

7. Save your phone number so your team can get in touch with you when needed.

8. You can also save a job description to your profile.

9. Set a time zone to see deadlines in your local timezone.

10. Pick a date format - your date form field will remember this setting and display dates in the selected date format.

11. Your profile settings lets you choose if you wish to hear sound on task completion.

12. Your profile page also allows you to change/update your password if required.

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