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Do you find yourself inserting the same descriptions and pieces of information over and over again? Stop!

Tallyfy enables you to create and save reusable snippets. These snippets (of text) can be inserted into step, task, and blueprint descriptions. Basically, any place where the text editor box shows up. No more rewriting, just insert a snippet and you're done. 

Creating & Accessing Pre-Saved Snippets

Go to your Account Settings > Organization > Snippets
Click Create Snippet to create a new template. 

Click on existing snippets to view or edit them:

Using Snippets

To use snippets, click on the Snippets (scissor) button above description boxes. Select the template from the dropdown list. You can use snippets in: 

Blueprint and Form descriptions:
Procedure Step description:
Advanced Blueprint Settings - Process Instructions:
Active Process Instructions, Notes and Comments:
One-off task description and One-off task comments:
Document Editor:
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