Have some questions? We know starting something new can be confusing. 

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1. How can I set up a blueprint? 

Creating a blueprint is like drawing a map for your daily commute. It's reusable and can be launched every time you repeat a specific process. Think client onboarding or a human resources vacation request. 

See a detailed guide here. You'll find comprehensive information on each part of a blueprint, and a video which will guide you through its creation.

2. What is a kick-off form? 

You can create a kick-off form if you want to have information filled out before a process can launch. 

Learn more here.

3. How do I set up the rules in a process?

Want a step to only show up when certain criteria are met?

See how it's done here.

4. What do the colored progress bars indicate on a process? 

Processes have progress bars in green, yellow, or red. They show whether a process is running smoothly, is nearing a deadline, or has run into an issue.

Review the progress bars and status colors here.

5. Can I schedule a process to automatically launch from a trigger or a recurring schedule?

Using middleware tools such as Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate, you can have a process begin at certain times, dates, or events. This is just one many triggers we offer. 

Read how here.

6. How do I send an email after a task is completed?

Have custom emails sent after tasks are completed using webhooks and middleware software. 

Learn how here.

7. What is "issue reporting"?

This feature allows users to flag an issue with a task, prompting further attention.

Please visit here to learn more

8. How many members can I have under each plan? 

Tallyfy's base prices include the capacity for 10 users on our DOCS plan, on our BASIC plan, and 4 on our PRO plan. To increase your included users, please consult our pricing page.

More details here!

9. What is the difference between a member and a guest?

The included users of a plan indicate the amount of paid spots for your employees. These are members. Guests, meanwhile, are from outside your company. Guests are free and unlimited for every organization. 

Find more information here.

10. How do I invite a member into my Tallyfy account?

Inviting a member is super simple. 

Click here to see how.

11. What is "custom branding"?

You'll find this term under Settings > Organization. Here, you can personalize Tallyfy with your own logo.

See more here.

12. Is Tallyfy available in other languages?

Yes! The UI of Tallyfy is available in Spanish, Dutch, Vietnamese, and many more languages.

Find more languages here and directions for changing your language.

13. How does Tallyfy compare to documents, spreadsheets, or flowcharts?

We like to think that Tallyfy is the modern document, spreadsheet, and flowchart.

Find more detailed comparisons below!

14. Where can I learn about the latest updates to Tallyfy?

See all the updates we are making to the product here!

15. Can I get expert help with process mapping and training?

Our team is here for you. When you upgrade an account to any paid plan, you get a free session with one of our experts. Need more help? Find out what services we can offer you here.

Feeling better? We hope so. 

Maybe you even feel like a Tallyfy Pro.

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