BLUEPRINT > How do I change my blueprint to a form, document or procedure?

You can create three types of blueprints: 

  • Procedures which are launchable instruction guides.
  • Forms that can be used to fill information to start a workflow, etc.
  • Documents that allow you to make your know-how accessible, with one version online, across your teams.

To learn more about blueprint types, read this article first!

Maybe you made a document, but want to turn that information into a form. Or you want to use a form in a process. We'll guide you through that here.

Documents are the simplest type of blueprint while processes are the most complex. You can always change a blueprint from a more basic type to a complex one. But, once a process has steps, you cannot make it into a more basic form. 

To switch the type of blueprint, we use the following tags. 




Document > Form

Open your desired document in the Edit view. 
Select Advanced Settings from the right-hand corner. 
Delete the #document tag and insert #form. And don't forget to hit Save Changes
Add form fields!

You can repeat these steps for Form > Procedure and Form > Document

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