What is a Form?

Tallyfy allows you to create different types of blueprints, namely:

- Procedure: uses default tag of #procedure

- Forms: uses default tag of #form

- Document: uses default tag of #document

This article walks you through the steps of creating and launching a form. Tallyfy Forms help you capture data from your users for different usecases.

1. Select 'Create a form' from the 'Home' button or the 'Library' button available in the sidebar

2. Type in a unique name for this form and click 'Create Form'

3. You can start with add instructions for the user on how to fill the form or in what cases to use this form

Add different types of form fields to capture required information

4. You will find this form in your 'Library'

5. To fill out the form for every instance of a new patient signup, click 'Launch Form'. Give it a unique name so you can access the information on your process dashboard easily

6. Once you have filled in all the required form fields, you will be able to 'Launch Form'

7. You can access this form instance through 'Processes'

Click on the Process Name, and click 'More Details'

7. You can scroll through the filled in form fields to view responses and have the option to download a CSV of this completed form

To automatically launch a process or take another action when this form is filled in, use 'Advance Settings' in the form editor window

For more details on how to use webhooks, please visit: 


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