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Gone are the days of paper forms and piles of files. Automate your forms with Tallyfy. Send email access to clients, have team members fill out the information necessary for a project, and find everything in one place. 

We'll walk you through creating and launching a form. Read on! 

Crafting a Form

Create a Form from the Library or +Create sidebar buttons. Enter your desired File Name.

Choose a description. Begin with instructions on the form itself. Or add some guidance on the situations that prompt the form's usage. 
Gather every detail with form fields specific to the information you need.
Find and Launch your form in the Library.

Launching Your Form

Let's take your form to the next level. Launch it into an active process. Every user assigned a task will be notified, and your form will get moving!

Click Launch Form. Choose a unique name that identifies the specific iteration of the form. This way, you'll be able to find it and track its progress!
Fill in the required form fields so that you can launch the form. 
Access your specific iteration in the Processes view.
Scroll through the form to see the completed fields. You may download a CSV* of the completed form, download, or print it. *PRO plan only

Advanced Capabilities of Forms 

Only available on PRO plans

In your Advanced Settings of the form editor window, you have even more options. Automatically launch a process when the form is completed. Send information to another program via webhooks. Explore and check out the possibilities! 

Don't know what webhooks are? ... or how to use them? 

Learn about them here.

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