What is a Procedure?

Tallyfy allows you to create different types of blueprints, namely:

- Procedure: uses default tag of #procedure

- Forms: uses default tag of #form

- Document: uses default tag of #document

This article walks you through the steps of creating a procedure. Tallyfy Procedures help you capture all your workflows and business processes and turn them into actionable tasks and items.

1. Select 'Create a procedure' from the 'Home' button or the 'Library' button available in the sidebar

2. Type in a unique name for this procedure and click 'Create Procedure'

3. If you have all the steps in your workflow documented, you can choose the 'Power Builder' option to quickly create all tasks in the workflow.

OR you can choose to add each step at a time

If you wish to watch a quick tutorial on how to create a complete blueprint, please watch the Procedures 101 video

To know more about what you can set in a blueprint, please visit:

'What can I set in a blueprint?'

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