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Procedures are the most comprehensive blueprint on Tallyfy. List out your business processes here and make everything seamless. You can insert documents and forms, keeping all your information in one place. Assign users to their tasks, add clients to steps that require their input while keeping everything else private, make deadlines and keep your projects on track... Processes are no longer static, written rules, but dynamic plans that create action. 

We'll create a procedure together so you can see exactly what it is: 

Building a Procedure

Open your Library and Create a procedure. Or, do so through the +Create option on the sidebar.
Choose a unique name and Create Procedure.
If all your workflow steps are already noted in another document, you can choose the Power Builder option to quickly transfer the steps into separate tasks.

Learn how to use the Power Builder here!

Otherwise, add each step at a time. (You may also use the Power Tools to quickly create separate tasks without a separate document. Read the article above if you are interested!)

When you are ready to use your blueprint, Launch Process!

Do you want to be a Procedure Pro? 

Watch this video and learn all about building procedures and what you can do through a real example. You might even want to keep the procedure for yourself!

Loving blueprints and procedures?

Head over here to learn about what else you can set in a blueprint: What can I set in a blueprint?

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