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Tallyfy enables you to create standalone forms. This article walks you through the steps to create, launch, and share a standalone form. Note: Docs plan can create form fields, but forms are read-only and printable. 

 1. 'Form' is a type of template in Tallyfy. You can start by either clicking '+Create+ or 'Library' to create a form.

2. Assign a unique name to your form

3. You can also add a description or instructions to complete this form. This type of template will always a default 'form' tag. You can access tags and other information by clicking 'Advanced Settings'

4. Add form fields to capture data in the form. Save the form.

5. You can either manually launch the form or share a public link to launch the form.

6. After filling in all the required fields, you can either launch the form or review and edit the form before you submit.

7. You can edit the form name, form field entries, or even copy the form link to share with other users. For more information on zero-click launch URL, please see

.8. Once you have completed the form, this iteration of the form will show up in your Processes Dashboard.

9. You can view data entries of this form or even download a CSV by clicking the 'More Details' drawer of the process

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