SETUP > How to set your custom Google Analytics instance to track engagement across your organization

You can set your own Google Analytics ID within Tallyfy's settings. 

This will enable you to track engagement data across most objects on your own, custom Google Analytics instance!

The first thing you need to do is create these 5 items - note the custom dimension name, index and scope - exactly (including the correct case) in your Google Analytics instance.

Next you will need to get the Tracker ID from your Google Analytics account. 

It comes in a format like this - "UA-#####-#"

Click "Settings" in the top menu

Click "Integrations"

Scroll down to the "Analytics and BI" section and enter your tracker ID in the box and click SAVE.

That is all! Events and views will now begin saving into your own Google Analytics instance. 

To pull in the data in reports, you could use custom reports and dashboards:

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