TASK > Can I design my template (or process) to run tasks in parallel and sequentially?

On Tallyfy - if you don't set any rules - tasks can be done in any order, in parallel. Tasks in Tallyfy not sequential by default.

That's because not waiting for something/someone else is generally - a lot faster, and enables people to work in parallel without waiting on anything/anyone else.

When you add automated actions - you are adding sequences of some kind via rules.

Don't know what Rules are or how to use them? Read here!

Sequential Tasks

These tasks are the simple ones. The list that goes from A to Z. You complete one step and then move on to the next. You cannot move on to the next step until the current one is completed. If you are working on Step 1, your coworker cannot begin Step 2 until you complete it.

Select your desired step and go to the Rules tab.
Sequential tasks require the "If _____, then _____" rule. If the previous step is completed, then show this task.

Parallel Tasks

These tasks have no relation. You can work on Step 1 while someone else works on Step 2. Their step does not depend on your step's completion. You don't need to use Rules to hide steps until a previous completion. Everything can be visible: 

Sequential & Parallel Combined

Use rules to have a mix of both! Some steps are parallel, so they are visible from the beginning. Others require these parallel steps to be completed first -- so create rules for that. Here's an example: 

You can combine "If____, then..." rules to have a step, such as 5, follow the completion of multiple steps together (AND)

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