Tallyfy vs. Spreadsheets

People sometimes use spreadsheets like Excel and Google Sheets to either document or track processes.

As you compare Tallyfy to using spreadsheets, please think about these points.

  • Who updates any given cell on a spreadsheet? Are expectations clear?
  • Who owns a cell so that nobody but that person (or people) can update it?
  • By when must something be done by if there's a task to do?
  • How does someone new use a custom spreadsheet that only a few people understand?
  • If your spreadsheet is not cloud-based - multiple people cannot update it without creating a mess of versions.
  • What happens when there's a problem with a task/process? How do you prioritize problems from comments?
  • If you want to share a portion of a spreadsheet with a client - how can you share just a portion of a spreadsheet, keeping the rest confidential?
  • How do you visually track the progress of one process, or hundreds of processes, on a spreadsheet - on any device?

We'd be happy to chat more about this, and hear your views! Please schedule a call.

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