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This page shows you how to launch a Tallyfy process automatically when a webform is filled out and submitted.

You can use middleware like Zapier or Microsoft Power Automate to launch a process in Tallyfy after a web form is submitted from providers like Wufoo, Microsoft Forms, Typeform, Google Forms etc. This can automatically populate the kick-off forms and regular task forms within Tallyfy as well, but excludes file uploads. 

Below is a video walkthrough of how you might dynamically populate Tallyfy kick-off or task form fields in a process from a webform (Google Forms is used in this example):

Please note, for task forms:

  • Maximum long text field value limit is 4000 characters 
  • Maximum short text field value limit is 200 characters 
  • The API will return an error and Zapier as well if there is a problem. The error is automatically handled by Zapier if service returns an error. 

Please note, for kick-off forms - the limits are the same as the above.


There appears to be a known issue when setting up Zapier to Google Forms, where Zapier will enter a dummy line of text into the spreadsheet. We noticed, as long as this dummy line is present within the spreadsheet, it causes issues with the Zap between Google Forms -> Tallyfy.

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