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When you upload a file to a step, task, form, or comment, it will be stored on Tallyfy. We store all files in a highly secure Amazon S3 bucket. All PDFs, documents, images, screenshots, and audio and video files uploaded to a step, task, or comment count towards your plan's storage limit. 

The default/physical storage location for both files and data (which goes into our database) is the US West - at the AWS data center in Oregon. More about IT and compliance is at

Plan File storage
Docs 5GB total for the entire organization
Basic 5GB per member
Pro 25GB per member
Enterprise Custom

Please Note: 

  • URL links shared via apps like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive do not count towards your file storage limit.
  • If your organization reaches the limit, we'll let you know!
  • For more space, you can delete your files or upgrade your plan.
  • The ability to BYO storage is coming soon**
  • For IT, compliance, and security-related information on storage please see:
  • There are various export features available on various plans. Contact us to learn more!

Our recommendation - use your existing DMS or file-sharing platform

Since Tallyfy is not a dedicated file-storage and file-syncing tool, we suggest using your existing filesystem on the cloud to handle file sharing, permissions, etc. (such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Sharepoint, Sharefile, etc.)

  • For requesting files - you can usually creating a unique “file request link” in most DMS systems - which allows someone to upload files directly into your DMS. Tallyfy never sees them. Either an embedded widget (use HTML to paste it in) or a link can work - you generate it once, then you can pass it around the process as a variable.
  • For other cases - your task description can define where you want the file uploaded into your DMS e.g. the folder/path, and then the user would upload something there, grab the link - then paste the link to the file in a Tallyfy short text field. We would then simply store the link to the file, not the file itself.

Simply add the URLs/links to Tallyfy steps, tasks, forms, or comments. This way you simply link to files on your existing file-sharing service, rather than actually storing those files on Tallyfy. This ensures that single-use files don't clog up your storage plan!

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