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When you #tag a template, you're defining it. Tallyfy has automatic tags which refer to template type: #procedure, #document, and #form. But tags can get a little more creative. Create any tag you want. They'll help you sort through your active processes. You could create tags the describe the associated department, a specific employee, or the client. The possibilities are endless! 

This article explains what tags are, how you can use them, and how to add them to templates and processes. 

You can use Tallyfy's structural tags to change the form of your template. Learn how here!

Removing a Tag from your Organization

No longer performing processes for a certain department or client-type? Made a tag for them and want to remove it from your current templates? We'll walk you through that here. 

Add, edit, and remove tags in your Account Settings. Settings > Organization > Tags

Rename a tag by clicking Edit

To delete tags, click on ⋮ to select: Delete Tag


Tallyfy's structural tags, #document, #form, and #procedure, cannot be deleted or edited. If you want to change the format of a template, you can do so in the active process, document, or form. See how here!

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