Connecting Tableau to Amazon Athena

Tallyfy stores your data as parquet files in Amazon S3 and automatically updates them whenever a change is made. We use Amazon Athena to connect Tableau to these files. This article will explain how to use Tableau’s built-in Athena connector to access your process data. For more information about the Amazon Athena connector, see this blog post from Tableau.

Before you can use the Athena connector, you will need to have downloaded and installed on your computer:

  1. 64-bit Java
  2. The JDBC driver

Installing Java

The installer for 64-bit Java can be downloaded from this page.

Installing the JDBC Driver

The driver can be downloaded from this page.

Additionally you must save the driver in a specific directory depending on your operating system. On Windows, save the Athena JDBC jar file in C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers. On Mac, save it in ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers.

Using the Amazon Athena Connector

This video walks through how to connect to the data using the Amazon Athena connector. 

After opening Tableau Desktop, click on Connect to Data, and select Amazon Athena.

A dialogue box will appear. Tallyfy will provide you with the fields, including an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key which will ensure that you will have access only to your organization’s files. Click Sign In, and Tableau is connected to the data.

To load the data, select AwsDataCatalog under Catalog, and then select your database under Database, and drag your data table into the workspace.

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