FORM > In form fields - how does the field alias and field ID change between a template and a process?

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Every form field automatically has a Field Alias and a Field ID. The Field Alias is used to refer to the value of that form field elsewhere within the template. If you need the form field's result in a latter process, you will use the Field Alias. The Field ID is used for API. The two are the same on templates and processes. In processes, however, form fields have additional value attributes. 

How do I find the Field Alias and Field ID?

Open your desired template or process. Select the task.
Under the Description tab, select the desired form field.
Select the Advanced tab and scroll to find your Field ID and Field Alias.

Please Note: Docs plan can create form fields, but forms are read-only and printable.

Technical Details

If you are technically inclined, take a look here to see how the actual process object works!

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