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Guest users have a different, stream-lined view of Tallyfy. This allows you to provide access to specific tasks without giving up confidential information! We'll show you exactly what your clients, consultants, or any guest sees.

When a task is assigned, your guest will receive an email. This will even be branded if you are on a Pro plan. 

Guest Task View

Your guests have a private Tasks view. They will see all of their assigned tasks together. It doesn't matter which processes or templates the tasks come from. It's basically a to-do list. Only you see the complicated stuff!

Guests can see their to-do as well as completed tasks.

Guests can comment and also report issue on their tasks. The member assigned to the guest task also receives a notification for this.

Guests can organize their tasks in order of recency or due date: Recently Assigned or By Due Date:

Can A Guest have tasks assigned to them from more than one organization?

It may happen that your guest is invited to complete tasks from multiple Tallyfy organizations. In that case, guests can view task list by switching between organizations by clicking the arrow next to the email address in the top right corner.

Can A Member See the Guest View? 

Once a task is assigned to a guest, you can copy the guest link and then view it!

Simply go to the active process and the assigned guest task. Click on the ⋮ and Copy Guest Link. Use that link to go to the Guest View!

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