USERS > What to do if you or your guests are not receiving Tallyfy emails?

If you or your guests are not receiving emails from Tallyfy, please try the following things:

  1. Check that your or your guest's email address is accurate. 
  2. Check your email notifications on Tallyfy 
  3. Check your spam/junk folders. If you find the email there, please mark it as 'Not spam/junk'. What to do if Tallyfy emails are being sent to Spam/Junk
  4. Ask your IT team to whitelist all emails that come from our parent domain name - (Whitelist in G Suite, Whitelist in Office 365, Other Email Clients)
  5. Ask your IT to configure any quarantine or spam detection systems to whitelist
  6. Check that the email is not from a disposable email provider.
  7. Check if the email is being blocked by your provider using tools like
  8. Finally, once a task is assigned to a guest, you can copy the guest link and then view or share it with them as well:

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