What is in the CSV file when you export a process?

To download a sample process CSV file, click here.

The csv file contains 43 columns. The first 12 columns describe characteristics of the process as a whole:

  • blueprint_id: a unique identifier for the blueprint used to create the process.
  • blueprint_name: the name of the blueprint used to create the process.
  • blueprint_version: a number that can be used to identify whether the blueprint was changed between processes. If the numbers differ, that means the blueprint was changed. 
  • process_id: a unique identifier for the individual process.
  • process_name: the name of the individual process.
  • process_tag: a list of any tags that are assigned to the process.
  • process_owner: the name of the owner of the process.
  • process_owner_id: ID number for the process owner.
  • total_tasks_in_process: the total number of tasks in the process.
  • tasks_completed: the number of tasks in the process that have been completed.
  • process_status: status of the process: active, problem, or complete.
  • process_last_modified: date and time the process was last modified.

The remaining columns describe specific tasks and other data within the process:

  • type: type of data being described in this row. kick_off_task, process_task, process_task_data (form field), or process_task_comment.
  • has_form_fields: Answers the question: “Does this task include form fields?” with Yes or No.
  • kick_off_task_id: a unique identifier for the kickoff task. The same identifier is used for the same kickoff task in all processes from the same blueprint.
  • kick_off_task_name: name of the kickoff task.
  • process_task_id: a unique identifier for the task. Unlike kick_off_task_id, this identifier is different for each process from the blueprint which contains this task.
  • process_task_status: whether the task is shown or hidden based on rules in the blueprint.
  • process_task_name: name of the task.
  • process_task_data_id: unique identifier for the process task data item (i.e. form field). This identifier is the same for this form field in multiple processes from the same blueprint.
  • process_task_data_name: The name of the task containing this form field.
  • process_task_comment_id: unique identifier for this comment.
  • process_task_comment_name: name of the task this comment is attached to.

The following fields contain information about who completed a task and when:

  • user_assigned: Name(s) of user(s) assigned to this task.
  • assigned_user_id: ID number(s) of user(s) assigned to this task.
  • guest_assigned: email address of the assigned guest for the task (if a guest is assigned).
  • total_users_assigned: number of users assigned to this task.
  • total_guests_assigned: number of guests assigned to this task.
  • total_assignees: total number of people assigned to this task.
  • completed_by: the ID number of the user who completed the task.
  • due_by: deadline for the task to be completed.
  • completed_on: date and time the task was completed.

These fields contain information about form fields:

  • no_of_form_fields: the number of form fields included in the task.
  • form_field_type: the type of this form field (text, multiselect, textarea, radio, dropdown, date or file).
  • question_in_form_field: the question in this form field.
  • answer_in_form_field: answer given for this form field.

These fields contain information about comments and issues:

  • issue_reported: whether an issue was reported by this comment.
  • no_of_issue_reported: total number of issues reported on this task.
  • issue_resolved: whether this issue was resolved.
  • no_of_issue_resolved: total number of resolved issues on this task.
  • comment: text of the comment.
  • total_comments: number of comments on this task (excludes comments that report or resolve an issue).
  • last_modified: date and time this data was last modified.

The ability to Export a CSV of a process is available on the PRO plan. 

The process CSV has columns and rows with all the process tasks and its details. You can view, sort and aggregate data for processes via the CSVs.

You will see these in the CSV and much more:

  • Process tags 
  • Task name / Kick-off form name 
  • Hidden tasks
  • Assigned users 
  • Completed by 
  • Due by 
  • Completed on 
  • Form type (small text, large text, dropdown, checklist, radio button, date, file upload) 
  • Question (form field title) 
  • Answer (form field value)

You can export a CSV by clicking on More Details on the top right corner of active process and scrolling to the bottom to click EXPORT CSV:

An example of part of process CSV is shown below. For more about the information contained in this file, see What is in the CSV file?

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