INTEGRATION > How do I use Microsoft Power Automate with Tallyfy?

Microsoft Power Automate (referred to with it's former name of "Flow" below) is a middleware product i.e. it lets you integrate one app to another without writing code. 

Microsoft Flow does not run workflows effectively between people - Tallyfy does that exceptionally well. We have a page (and video) showing why Microsoft Flow is not designed for non-technical/business people.

Microsoft Flow and Tallyfy can be used complimentarily to run effective workflows.

This is our official Microsoft Flow documentation -

This video shows how to use Flow to make Tallyfy integrations very easy for Office365 and/or Microsoft Flow users.

All you will need to get started is your Tallyfy login. Creating the one-time connection sign in will allow you to access your Tallyfy account in all of your Flows

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