How do I launch a process with zero clicks - automatically?

Zero click process launches can be achieved by passing through everything the process needs to launch within the URL.

This literally means - that you can load the URL with values and simply opening the URL (while logged in to Tallyfy) launches the process. 

Hence the name zero click process launch.

Video Guide:

Template:{ your organization id goes here }/process/{ The Blueprint ID Goes Here }/create?default_run_name={ run name goes here, replace spaces with %20 }&launchprocess=true

If you have KO fields, then it would look like this:{ your organization id goes here }/process/{ The Blueprint ID Goes Here }/create?default_run_name={ run name goes here, replace spaces with %20 }&ko_fields=%5B%7B"{ KO field 1 Alias }":"{ KO field 1 Value }"%7D,%7B"{ KO field 2 Alias }":"{ KO field 2 Value }"%7D%5D&launchprocess=true


Let's start with this example and break it down. Imagine you had this URL (a zero-click launch URL) - what does it mean?,%2006:32am%20-%20KO%20Fields%20in%20URL%20by%20MS&ko_fields=%5B%7B"first-name-124520":"John"%7D,%7B"last-name-124521":"Doe"%7D,%7B"email-124522":""%7D,%7B"my-bio-124523":"Text"%7D%5D&launchprocess=true
  • 6e77a3dca7641ce7d7487a092ebc6bed is your Tallyfy organization ID.
  • a76a8beab8551c3f65abae65e2faaab1 is the ID of the blueprint you want to use - to launch this process.
  • default_run_name=Jun%2016,%2006:32am%20-%20KO%20Fields%20in%20URL%20by%20MS is the URL encoded name of the process you want to launch. Change the part after the equals sign i.e. after default_run_name=  to whatever you like.
  • ko_fields=%5B%7B"first-name-124520":"John"%7D,%7B"last-name-124521":"Doe"%7D,%7B"email-124522":""%7D,%7B"my-bio-124523":"Text"%7D%5D is an array of all the KO form fields that you want/need to fill out. In this example, we have pulled in the alias of each KO form field - first name, last name, email and my bio. You can find the alias of any KO (kick off) form field within the blueprint editor - which is where KO form fields are created (see this link for more info on alias fields If you want to generate this portion more easily - please see the section below - "How to generate an array of KO fields if you have multiple KO fields"
  • launchprocess=true  tells Tallyfy "try to actually launch this process as well, immediately". If you leave it out or set it to something else, we will not automatically launch the process.

By forming this URL, you insert variables anywhere you like - in the process name, as well as pre-insert KO form fields so that you ship data from outside systems into Tallyfy. 

It's pretty powerful - and all you need to do, once the URL is formed - is to click the link. All the values will populate, and if launchprocess=true is set as well, then Tallyfy will attempt to actually launch the process as well.

So - like magic - you can launch a process - while also sending through the process name, KO form field variables, etc. dynamically! Let us know if you need help with this feature.

How to generate an array of KO fields if you have multiple KO fields

In the example above - you will see a key ko_fields - where you are expected to include an array of the values of one or more KO fields. How do you easily generate that array manually - if you had to?

You could use your browser (Chrome) to generate this for you. Here's an example showing how.

  1. Right-click in your browser (Chrome) and click on Inspect Element
  2. Click on Console and paste the code below and press enter. You need to (of course) tailor this code to suit your own values and fields:   

var ko_fields = [{"first-name-124520":"John"}, {"last-name-124521":"Doe"}, {"email-124522":""}, {"my-bio-124523":"Text"}];

Now that's done - enter this command and press enter, to get the output - and that's the output string for ko_fields - ready to use. The output is also shown below.


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