How does Tallyfy compare to other process-mapping tools?

Have you been using flowcharts, spreadsheets, or docs to map out your business processes? It's time to change that! Read why below. 


You like visualizing your business processes. But what can you really see on a flowchart? A lot less than what you can do on Tallyfy.

If you're using flowcharts to map out how your team should perform processes, you need it to be detailed enough for them to complete typical processes successfully. But what information can you really store on a flowchart? Not much. 

Flowcharts are just for reference. You look at them to remember the steps in the process. Your team looks at them to move onto the next step. You can't see its status, where your team is in the chart, or whether any issues have appeared. 

Tallyfy is your dynamic flowchart. From simple checklist views of steps, to rich descriptions that can hold instructions, videos, and files, to forms filled out within a step, to deadline and assignment capabilities, Tallyfy eclipses the dated flowchart in features.

If you're still not convinced, see how you can get the same structure of a flowchart with a ton more features at Tallyfy below. 


If you like order and seeing multiple steps at once, you are probably using a spreadsheet. That's where you've gone wrong. Tallyfy is way more organized. It's also easy to track multiple steps and multiple processes under a simple interface. 

If you ask yourself the following questions, you will find that there are a lot of gaps between spreadsheets and Tallyfy:

- Who updates a given cell? Is it clear who is meant to perform that task? 

- Are there visible deadlines? Can you limit access to certain users? Can clients be invited to see only a portion of the spreadsheet? 

- Does your team have an easy way to flag issues? 

- How easy is it to teach each spreadsheet to a new employee?

- Is there an easy way to update the same spreadsheet? Do you only have one, up-to-date version? 

- Can you track a single process easily, let alone multiple ones? 

The answer is no! But at Tallyfy you can do all this and more. 


Using Docs for business process management is totally not the way to go! You'll spend much more time writing out all your processes than working on or improving them. Just look at the document below. 

Beyond the time taken to create this document, it's almost impossible to quickly find what you are looking for. Buried in all that information, the specific task or know-how you need is lost. You can't access it on just any device. There are no metrics or ways to track who has accessed what. It's also just plain boring and tedious. And hardly anyone will ever look at it after you make it! 

Move on from the Docs and innovate. It'll create a better work environment. Easier access to important documents means happier employees and less time spent digging through dated paperwork. And you'll save time and money -- the average employee costs $30-$40 per hour. Just 15 minutes on Tallyfy will save you money!

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