Can I build a flowchart in Tallyfy?

Sure, we think traditional flowcharts are a nice way to quickly view the flow of an overall workflow, but flowcharts lack the real details people need to see to complete a typical process successfully and most of all - flowcharts are just for reference. You can't track the status of 30 actual workflows that 50 people are doing right now - on a static visual.

What does Tallyfy offer, that a traditional flowchart doesn't?

  • Ability to view the procedure (blueprint) in a linear checklist and see all dependencies
  • Ability to add a rich description - instructions, videos, and files to each step in the procedure (blueprint)
  • Ability to add forms to collect information in each step in the procedure (blueprint)
  • Ability to use data from previous steps in following steps
  • Ability to define the due date for each step
  • Ability to indicate who is responsible for each step
  • Ability to indicate required and optional steps
  • Ability to easily read and scroll a procedure (blueprint) on your smartphone
  • Ability to print the procedure (blueprint)
  • Ability to automate the procedure (blueprint)
  • Ability to track multiple processes started using the procedure (blueprint)
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