Members vs. Guests

Members are employees inside your company (paid users)

This includes people whose email is from your primary domain. For example, if your company is Coca Cola, and you own the domain - anyone with an email ending is a member - since they're a legitimate person inside your organization.

Guests are people outside your company (free users)

You can use guest for client emails, or just for anyone outside your organization. In addition, guests are designed for transient or temporary interactions like clients - they change every time you launch a process. 

What can members do?

Members are employees of your company (paid Tallyfy users) or people that have your domain email address. Member are billed in paid plans and can:

  • Log into a Tallyfy account 
  • Create one-off tasks
  • Create blueprints
  • View blueprints
  • Launch processes
  • Invite other members/guests. 

A list of all the members in your Tallyfy Organization can be found under Settings: 

What can guests do?

A guest is a free user. The guest user feature is designed for transient clients, customers, partners or oothersutside your organization that are assigned by email to occasional tasks in a specific process or a one-off task. Someone with your company email address cannot be a guest.

You can assign a one-off task or a process task to your client (guest email) after a process has launched.

Benefits of the guest feature

Guest do not have to log in and they securely see just the task or form assigned to them, allowing you to keep internal organizational information and tasks private and confidential. You can copy the guest task link and view/share it again if needed.

Limitations of the guest feature

  • Only 1 guest can be assigned to a task. Tasks must be assigned with 1 member so that the member can assist them.
  • Guests cannot be added in a blueprint (like specific members can)
  • Guest cannot reopen tasks
  • Guests cannot make or see comments 
  • Guests cannot edit/assign a task
  • Guests cannot view blueprints
  • Guests cannot view processes
  • Guest cannot launch processes
  • Guest cannot view other's tasks
  • Only one guest email can be assigned to each task

Video walkthrough

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