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You can send an email to anyone when a task is completed using webhooks, which can be used by middleware systems like Zapier and Power Automate to send an email from your current email provider. This article uses Zapier as an example.

1. Select the "Webhook" trigger in Zapier and copy the webhook URL

2. Paste the webhook into your step and send a sample webhook

After pasting the webhook into the step, you need to send a sample webhook to Zapier. Start the process and complete the step with the webhook on it in order to send a sample webhook to Zapier.

It is recommended that you include a field for email addresses in your step. All step information will be sent to Zapier via webhook and can be used to customize the email.

3. Pull in the sample webhook

After completing the sample step in Tallyfy, a sample "Hook" will appear in Zapier. Click this to sync your step to Zapier.

4. Add an email action step to you Zap

If your email system is supported by Zapier, you can send an email directly from Zapier. Zapier also has its own build in email relay system. Just search "Email" to find the available options.

Here is the Zap being set up with Gmail:

5. Set up custom email fields

You can use the information passed from the Tallyfy step to Zapier via the webhook to customize your email.

Here is how to do so using the Gmail action step:

Custom email address: Custom Subject:

Custom Body:

Now you can save the zap! 

As long as the webhook is active, every time you complete this step, a webhook will be sent to Zapier and a custom email will be sent.

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