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A lot of people ask us about analytics and reporting. 

We believe it's a lot more beneficial to use a dedicated BI or analytics platform

Please read on to see the reasons why.  Customers that extensively use analytics have directly driven this decision for us.

People always forget that analytics is mostly about asking the right questions first - and then later - exploring the answers, visuals and insights into those questions. 

This means that if you're serious about analytics - you should use the best BI tools that already exist, to enable you to create answers to any/all questions freely. Also - you should bring in data beyond Tallyfy to get really great insights, from multiple data sources.

Why re-invent the wheel when there's already dedicated, full-powered analytics platforms?

Customers tell us that they've already invested in software (and people) in "proper" BI tools like Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, Looker, SAP Hana, Google Data Studio, etc. These are platforms that only do analytics and they're very good at it. 

At Tallyfy - we supply data to your existing analytics and reporting platform so that you can have full control and full customization capabilities to get the insights you need.

Why give up the option to switch to any analytics platform you like? 

Everyone's dashboard is different. Everyone's idea of "which KPI to watch" is different. Every graph has options, types and special needs. Some platforms are great, and some might not meet your needs later on.

We believe that pushing data to a generic "data lake" (Amazon Athena) is the right approach so that you can switch/use any platform that supports Amazon Athena with a connector (which is most BI platforms).

Why not merge data from Tallyfy plus many other data sources

It would be a huge mistake to buy a product simply because it "has native analytics". Since most people use multiple apps and platforms, you need a dedicated analytics tool to combine the data from those various platforms. 

For example - your client/customer/patient data needs to cross-link to your workflow/process data - which might need to also cross-link to your ERP to make sense in terms of the amazing value you could gain from multi-source analytics. That's why a dedicated BI platform is better than anything Tallyfy could provide natively.

Why give up data portability?

Most dedicated analytics platforms let you integrate a data lake from various sources and integrate, mash, filter, pivot and do a ton of other things with multiple data sources. 

However, data is about more than analytics. In the future, smart technologies will come along which make use of the same data - and your data scientists, AI/machine learning experts and business analysts need access to the raw data. We believe in that being a critical factor in your choice of workflow platform - your data is open, portable and easy to use.

Sample visualizations

Please take a look at this article for sample Tableau visuals.

How exactly does Tallyfy Analytics (streaming) work?

Please take a look at this article.

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