USERS > How do I add more than 3 users on the Appsumo plan?

The Appsumo organization gives you 3 FREE users on the PRO plan.

To allow more users, please follow these instructions (you need to do this just once):

1. Go to settings and complete the billing information:

2. Contact Tallyfy Support via the app OR via with the following information:

  • Organization ID (this can be found in Settings > Billing, see image above): 
  • Whether you would like to pay Monthly ($30/user/month) or Annually payment ($25/user/month - get 2 months free/16% discount when you pay annually):
  • Confirm you have added your billing information with a credit card.

3. Tallyfy Support team will process the above and reply to inform you when your account is set up to invite more users.

(FYI - We apply a special monthly or annual coupon on your account to ensure that the first 3 users are never charged. Your account will only be charged for additional users above 3 users on the PRO plan)

Please note

  • This is valid for the PRO plan only (as the Appsumo plan was on the PRO plan). 
  • Monthly payments are not switchable to annual payments later and vice versa. 
  • Payments are non-refundable.

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