How can I launch a process and populate fields in a Tallyfy process from a webform?

This page shows how to launch a Tallyfy process automatically when any webform is filled out.

You can use middleware like Zapier or Microsoft Flow to launch a process in Tallyfy after a webform platform such as Wufoo, Microsoft Forms, Typeform, Google Forms etc. are submitted. This  can automatically populate the Kick-off forms and regular task forms within Tallyfy as well, but excludes file upload

Below is a video walkthrough of how you might dynamically populate Tallyfy kick-off or task form fields in a process from a webform (Google Forms is used in this example):

Please note, for task forms:
Maximum large text field value limit is 4000 characters
Maximum small text field value limit is 200 characters
The API will return error and Zapier as well. The error is automatically handled by Zapier if service returns error.

Please note, for Kick-off forms:
The limit is the same as above however the error handling for API and Zapier is coming soon

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