TASK > How can I mark a process task complete using middleware like Zapier?

If you have a task in a process that you wish to be automatically completed when some event occurs, you can create a zap for it, or use another middleware service like Power Automate.

Choose a Trigger

You will first need to set up a trigger that allows for custom data to be sent, such as a process name.

Find a Process
Note - if you already have the task ID - you don't need to find the process - so skip over this

1. Create an action step, choose Tallyfy, and select "Find Process Task"

2. Enter the Blueprint you wish to find Process' for. Alternatively, you can have the Blueprint be decided by your trigger by sending the Blueprint ID

3. Use the "Search By" field to select whether to search for a Process by name or by Kick Off field

4. Use the "Search Value" field to set what Process name to search for (must be whole Process name) and the "Filter Value" field to search by Kick Off field.

5.Use the "Selected Step" field to set which Task to complete. This value can come from your trigger using the custom value option, but you must send a task alias

Complete the Task

  1. Create a new Tallyfy action step, and this time select Mark Process Task Complete"
  2. You will need the Process ID and Task ID for the Process Task you wish to compete. These should be obtained by selecting "Use a Custom Value", the choosing the "Find Process Task" action, and then selecting either Process ID or Task ID

Below is a video guide for setting up a zap that can mark a Process Task complete:

For help connecting your Tallyfy account to Zapier, please see: How do I connect my Tallyfy account to Zapier?

 If you test a Zap that completes a Task, then you will have to manually re-open the Task in Tallyfy.

Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and we will be happy to help.

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