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Looking to access your template in different ways? You'll learn how here!

Reading Your Template

To see your complete template, follow the steps below. 

Open your Library from the lefthand toolbar. 
Click View next to the procedure you
Arrive at your template page and scroll through to read!
You can also do this using the toggle at the top in the Template Editor.

Printing Your Template

Perhaps you want to save your Template as a physical file or distribute it to a team member. Here's how you can print your template!

In the Template Editor, click on Config in the top right corner.
Select the Print option.

Select your printer in the  Destination bar, and follow your browser's instructions. 

Downloading Your Template

To download your template, you will follow essentially the same steps as printing! Look below:

In the Template Editor, click on  Config in the top right corner.
Select the  Print option.

Following your browser's options, select the Destination to "Save as PDF," "Save to Google Drive," etc. This will allow you to download your template in PDF format. 

Exporting your templates via our API

We have an open source Python script in our open source repo that enables you to both import and export template - which is offered as a sample, saving any developer writing something from scratch here:

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