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Launching a Process

You must have created a pretty cool blueprint that you're ready to launch. We're so excited for you to begin automating your processes!

Select your amazing blueprint from the Library and click on Launch Process.
You'll see a process box set to the name, Date - BLUEPRINT NAME. Edit and customize the process name. Make sure it's specific to that process so you'll be able to identify it from others! Click Launch Now when you are ready.

If you have some more editing to do before your blueprint is ready, you can refine assignees here.

You can also add 'Tags' to your 'Processes'. Learn more about 'Tags' here.

When your blueprint launches and becomes a real process, every important detail is taken care of. The tasks are assigned to your selected assignees and everyone is informed of their responsibilities. Deadlines and rules go into effect. All you need to do is work!

Do you have web forms that prompt processes? A client web sheet that requires a client demo and sales process? Or an issue form that requires your IT or customer support department to respond?

You can create processes that launch based on forms or other URLs. See what you can do here!

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