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Tallyfy consists of both a web app and an API. The Tallyfy API is used by other consumers besides just our web app. We will at times make terminology changes to the app that could break users' API integrations.

The terminology of our key objects between our web app and API is different, but we will eventually standardize the API. The web app terminology is always considered "bleeding edge".

To help keep everything clear between the two, here is a list the differences:

For each API object => below is the UI (or app) object. All UI objects are in bold.

1. Checklists => " Blueprints". A blueprint is made up of steps.

2. Runs => " Processes". A process is made up of tasks.

3. Captures => " Task form fields"

4. Preruns => " Kick-off form fields"

If you would like help with integrations and setting up advanced features, please contact Tallyfy Support to learn more about additional services.

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