What is 'More details' in the 'start process' view'?

The More details drawer can be found at the top right of the Start process view.

Click to reveal the drawer and you will see info about the process. 

1. You can edit or update the process name

2. This line shows you the total number of tasks in this process

3. You can view who launched the process and the time the process was launched

4. You can view which members and guests are assigned to tasks

5. You can add tags* to your process

6. You can add process notes* too

7. Process Instructions if any are set while building a blueprint and are present to aid the process launcher

8. The 'More Details' section also shows you the Kick Off fields (if present)

Save your changes and notice how they appear on the Start process view:


*This information follows into the process once it is launched and can be found in the header of your new process

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