TOOLS > What is 'More details' when I am launching a process?

You're about to launch a process. But wait, you need to make a few changes. So you click on Review & Edit. 

And you come to this page: 

See ⋮ More Details in the upper right-hand corner? Click on that. 

You'll be able to see a lot of details:

The Process Name which you can edit and change.
Tasks Completed: the total number of tasks in the process. Once launched, it will show the # that has been completed (hence the name!).
Started By: the team-member who launched the process.
Process Started On: Time the process was launched.
All the members and guests assigned to tasks within the process.
T ags to better organize your processes!
Process notes to keep your team in the loop on important information. 
You'll see the blueprint Description and  Process Instructions if any were set while building the blueprint. This notes aid whoever launches the process.
Kick-Off Form Fields (if any)
Task Form Fields (if any)

Remember to Save all your changes. And you can also Cancel Process Launch at the bottom of the More Details page. 

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