How can a I make sure a user completes the form?

You can create any type of form field in a step: What types of form fields can I create?

If you want to make sure they are completed by the assignee of the task, simply make then ' Required'.

To make a form required:

1. Name the form field:

2. Switch the toggle under Advanced > "Is this field required?" to Yes:

3. Click SAVE FORM FIELD. Note that when you collapse the card a red asterisk indicates that form field is required:

Required indicates whether the completion of the field is 'optional' or 'required'. 

  • 'No' means it will be optional and it can be left incomplete. 
  • 'Yes' means it is required and it will need to be completed in order to proceed. 

If you did not set required, you can still easily see if a user does not complete a form field in a completed task:

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