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This article walks you through the steps to redeem a coupon. You might have coupon code from a promotional offer provided to you by a Tallyfy team member.

How to redeem a coupon when you upgrade your trial account to a paid account

1. Log into your Tallyfy account
2. Either your trial has ended or you still have a few days left in your trial. Click on the 'Upgrade Now' button

3. Confirm your account name and details
4. Confirm your Tallyfy plan
5. Confirm the number of users. If you wish to edit this number, you will need to go back to your account and under 'Settings' > Organizations > Members, disable existing or invite new members
6. Select 'Yearly or ' 'Monthly' subscription
7. Enter the coupon code

8. Click 'Continue With Purchase' and 'Apply' your coupon code to activate it
9. Enter credit card details
10. Click 'Submit & Purchase' to complete your upgrade

If you are having problems with your coupon redemption, please write to us at and send your coupon code with your organization ID

Where can I find my the Organization ID?

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