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Sometimes you might need to control who is allowed to complete a step. If you want the assigned member to be the only user allowed to work on a task, read on!

How to Restrict a Task to its Assigned User

Go to the desired Template step. Select the Advanced tab. 

See "This task can only be completed by assigned user(s)" and switch it to Yes.

How to See the Assignment Status of a Task

Start a process using your template.

Navigate to the Start Process screen by selecting Review & Edit:

You will see who is assigned to each task. Any restricted tasks will have a  lock indicating that only the designated assignees are allowed to complete it. 

You can also re-assign members and guests on this screen. Assign a user to all tasks via the Power Assign selection under Edit Assignees. Read more about Power Assign here!

Once the process has started, all users prohibited from completing the task will see the following: 

If an unassigned user tries to open it, the task will be hidden: 

To reassign an open task to another member, select the 

Once a task is completed, it is locked. It can only be re-opened by the assigned member:


An Admin member's access permissions will always supersede these advanced settings. In other words, a member with an Admin role will be able to access the task, complete it and also reopen if needed.

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