How does 'Only assigned member can complete task' work?

If you want members who are assigned to a specific step to be the only users who are allowed to complete the step, go to the advanced tab in the blueprint step and set,

"This task can only be completed by assigned user(s)" to Yes.

(The 'Advanced' tab in a blueprint step is enabled if your account has been upgraded to the PRO plan.)

When you start a process using this blueprint and navigate to the Start Process screen by clicking "Review & Edit Process before Launching":

You will see whoever is assigned that task has a lock indicating assignees are only allowed to complete the task.  Please note: You can still edit/re-assign members and guests on this screen:

Once the process has been started all users not assigned to a locked task will see the following:

Please note: You can reassign the open task to yourself or to another member (via the 3 dots on the top right of the task card) for you or another member to be able to complete it.

This is what the task looks like when another member tries to open it:

Once a task is completed, it is locked. It can only be re-opened (and edited) by the assigned member:

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