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While your team performs the majority of your workflow processes, your clients also need to take part! Sometimes you want to provide access to forms, approvals, or certain actions. That wasn't feasible in other software or spreadsheets which couldn't differentiate between client and employee.

At Tallyfy, you can integrate your clients effortlessly. Invite them to one-off tasks or specific steps in an active process. They will only see that one step, keeping your company information confidential.

We'll go through guest access to one-off tasks here. If you're looking for a guide on tasks within a process, read this one!

Your guests will be invited to the task via email. Please remember that only one guest email can be added to a task. 

Let's get started!

Create or find your one-off task in the Tasks view.

Click ⋮ to Edit your task. Under the Assign Guests field, enter your client's email. *Make sure to click ENTER, the SPACE BAR, or comma buttons on your keyboard. This will list it and it will turn blue:

*Please note that you will remain assigned to the task. We are working on a new feature which will allow a guest user to be the sole assignee.

Your client will receive an email inviting them to complete the task like so:
By clicking on the link, your guest will be directed directly to the task. No log-in is required!
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