How do I assign a one-off task to a guest?

You can assign a one-off task to a guest email. Only one guest email can be assigned to each task:

1. Create the one off task or process task:

2. Assign any guest email as the assignee and save the task:

Please ensure you click Enter, the Space bar or the comma button after completing the guest email address to list it, the guest email will turn blue once it is listed.

(Please note that you will remain assigned to the task for now, the ability to see all tasks assigned to a guest is coming soon. Only one guest email can be assigned to each task.)

3. The guest email will receive the email inviting them to complete the task:

4. The guest can clicking on the link in the email and this will show them the task (no log in is required):

5. When they complete it, you will see it completed in Tallyfy.

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