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  • A master process/checklist in v2 is now referred to as a template in v2. A template has steps and step settings
  • A process instance is now called a process in v2. A process has tasks.

Feature set:

Tallyfy v2 has the majority of the functionality of v1 and more.

Below is a list of all the main template functions and how they can be achieved in v2.

Here are some further notes and articles on the features mentioned above:

  •  D. Must be done in order:
Please note that in v2 'Must be done in order' only applies automatically to tasks that have a 'task completion'/'form field rules' rule set to ' show'. There is no separate 'Must be done in order' setting today. Please note that tasks that have such a ' hide' rule set can be done in any order. If you want them to be done in a particular order, we would recommend that you set a rule to 'show' them, not 'hide' them.

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