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Comments and @mentions are a great way for your team to communicate and alert others of issues. Learn about issue reporting here.

Members can comment and @mention each other and discuss things on any task. Guests can also comment on tasks which have been assigned them.

Learn about @mentions here:


To comment on the task, click on a task card to open it. You can type '@' and any member's name to direct a message at them. You can also upload files, insert images, add links, videos, etc. in a comment. Comments can also be edited and deleted by the member who created them. 

What happens when a comment is added or someone is @mentioned?

The number beside the comment icon indicates the number of comments on that task.
When a comment is added, the assignees of the task will see an in-app notification.

If there is an @mention, that person will receive the notification. You can change your comment and @mention notifications via  Settings.

When a comment is added, the assignees of the task and members having access to the process can view the comment and also add reactions.

What happens when a guest comments on a task?

Guests can comment and also report issue on their tasks. The member assigned to the guest task also receives a notification for this.

Important note about guest visibility toggles

You can set a comment to be visible to a guest or not via the "Visibility" toggle - it defaults to invisible to guests

Important note about @mentioning someone who does not have process access

When you @mention someone in a comment who does not currently have any visibility of that task and process - you automatically provide them visibility via the @mention. Therefore, be careful mentioning someone outside the process in a comment, if they are not supposed to have access to it.

Learn all about guests tasks and emails here.
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