What email notifications do coworkers and guests receive?

Coworkers receive emails if they have them turned on. 

These are the conditions for a coworker to receive an email:

- Process task is assigned to themselves

- One-off/Process task assigned to them by others

- Assigned one-off/process task was completed by another coworker/guest

- Assigned process or one-off task is re-opened

- A comment was added to their task or another task in the process they are a part of

- An issue was reported/resolved on their task or another task in the process they are a part of

- Profile was updated

- Daily Digest emails

Example of a coworker email:

Emails settings can be changed here:  How do I change my email notifications?More emails settings are coming soon.

Guests receive emails when they are assigned to a task.

Example of a guest email:

More emails and functions for guests are coming soon.

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