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  • All coupons are now expired. 
  • The Appsumo offer was lifetime access to  PRO plan for up to 3 users (members) in total.
  • Being on the Appsumo plan means you will be charged $0 for 3 users on the PRO plan for life (Usually $90/month). 
  • You must have signed up to a Tallyfy account and redeemed the coupon before April 1st 2018 (by March 31st 2018). (Please see FAQ no.8 below for where this expiry date is seen). Please contact for refunds. At present we do not accept any AppSumo coupon codes.


1. How do I know I am on the Appsumo plan? Go to Settings>Billing and click on 'Account and Billings Management', you will see the plan name:

2. How do I know I am on the PRO plan? Please see here.

3. Can coupons/deals be stacked? No. You can only utilize one coupon code per organization. For example, you can not buy 8 AppSumos and get 24 (8 x 3) users free for life.

4. What happens if I want to add more than 3 members? You can do this by paying for additional members. Please contact Tallyfy Support and they will help you with this.

5. Are the extra Add-ons, Services and Enterprise features included? No, the Appsumo plan only includes features on the PRO plan. You can purchase additional services and add-ons.

6. How do I close my account and get a refund? Please request closure of your account via 'Billing' inside the app. Please note, your account will be permanently deleted and your coupon cannot be applied to another account in the future. For refunds, please contact

7. How long is the offer valid until? When you bought the Appsumo couponAppsumo would have sent you a confirmation email stating that you would have had to sign up for a Tallyfy account and redeem the coupon by April 1st 2018:

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