What are some use cases for Tallyfy?

Tallyfy is a very flexible tool that can be used to document, run and track any repeatable business process.
It is ideal for any process that has tasks that are assigned to different people and have deadlines.
Our customers have shared that they use Tallyfy for :
  1. Customer Set Up
  2. Client Onboarding 
  3. Client Off-boarding
  4. Virtual assistant tasks
  5. Employee Onboarding 
  6. Employee Off-boarding 
  7. Deployment process
  8. Issue resolution
  9. Weekly Reporting
  10. Content QA  
  11. Product Design 
  12. Webpage update 
  13. Proposal Creation and Reviews
  14. Annual Training 
  15. Vacation Request 
  16. Expense claims
  17. Partner onboarding 

Read all the case studies here.

Here are some videos of some processes:

Tallyfy for employee onboarding:

Tallyfy for training:

Tallyfy for client approvals:

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