FILE > What types of files can be uploaded to a 'file upload' form field?

The File Upload Form Field allows a user to submit files to a step. They'll see the option to Choose Files

Supported extensions 

'.xlsx', '.xls', '.pptx', '.docx', '.ppt', '.doc', '.rtf', '.pdf', '.txt', '.mpga', '.wav', '.mov', '.mp4', '.webm', '.jpg', '.gif', '.png', '.ai', '.psd', '.hdpkg', '.zip', '.anx', '.xml', '.jpeg', '.dwg', '.lic', '.LICENSE', '.csv'

You can upload multiple files of any of these file types up to a size of  100 Mb per file.

* Please note that Tallyfy will reject files of sizes less than 2kb for .txt, .xml, and .anx.

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