Can Tallyfy help with process mapping and training?

Tallyfy offers an  Express Service to help you and your team map your process and provide custom training to your team to ensure you are successful with your process and with Tallyfy. 

We have a team of  workflow experts who have helped successfully map out hundreds of workflows across many industries.

The  Express service covers:

  • Dedicated account manager - Regular check-ins, screen-share calls and prioritized support with a friendly workflow and product expert who will know your needs inside out. We log all time and can share a time log on request.
  • Mapping your process(es) - Making sure you have all the right steps and everyone agrees.
  • Optimizing your process(es) - Making sure the process is as efficient and scalable as possible.
  • Creating your Tallyfy Blueprint - Utilizing advanced features.
  • Systems/Integration advice - Evaluating your current systems and seeing if we can connect it to Tallyfy to automate actions. Help with setting up Zapier and API integrations.
  • Change management and training - Facilitating team meetings to finalize the process, providing custom videos and calls to ensure people are successful with Tallyfy.

Please contact us at for more details and a quote.

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